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Arthur Kalpin, founding member of Take Back Sawcreek, LLC has thrown his hat into the ring!  

Click here to read his 2018 SCECA Board of Directors application, and no matter which candidate you choose - REMEMBER TO VOTE!

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Deer cull questions began reaching the boards attention on 2/23/2018.  After nearly one month of silence, the board finally sent out an email blast on 3/20/2018 about the deer cull, with it's usual boilerplate language that says everything about nothing we've already heard before. Although there is some more boilerplate language buried in the document named History of Deer Management in SCE, they don't even mention in the email text a discussion on allowing recreational hunting in the community. DEFLECTING AGAIN! Also surprise, to further push their agenda, they provide links to documents that are 2 to 4 years old, including the document named USDA Deer Fact Sheet! The only current link is the PA Game Commission application, which in their version is only 2 pages long. Compare that to the version one of our members received from the PGC, at 14 pages long. Again we ask: SCECA why are you still trying to hide and shade the truth from homeowners?? There are more ways to maintain a healthy forest than eliminating deer.  Click here for a counterpoint comment by the Humane Society on deer cull.  
We've got mail!  A SCECA homeowner who was concerned about the deer cull sent a letter to the SCECA newsletter editor.  SCECA did not publish the letter, with no explanation given, but we find it odd that the same newsletter contained a propaganda article about the deer cull.  Why is SCECA afraid of a different opinion??  We are proud to post this letter for the homeowner.  Click here.
Detective work:  The Case of the Missing Website 

Did you know that SCECA rolled out the "new" website on 3/16/2018??


There was no email blast or any communication to the homeowners!  The only info that's available is the same info available to the public. Homeowners have no access to ANY resident info, because that part of the site is NOT YET OPERATIONAL!  Click here to read the message you get when you try to sign in. 

Not having access to the resident part of the website means several things, including no access to your financial records, board and committee meeting minutes, newsletter archives, deer management propaganda reports, etc.. but in particular:

  • No access any discussion posts, including the most recent about the deer cull.  Click here to access copies of the deer cull discussion posts.  

  • No access to governing documents.  Click here to access SCECA governing documents.  NOTE:  We believe these are the current versions, but have no way to confirm because as we noted above, resident access to the site is NOT YET OPERATIONAL.  If in doubt, contact member services 570 588-9329 and ask for an e-copy of the most current version.  Or stop down to member services office and get a hard copy.

It's coming sooner than you think!  Click here to see the days countdown to the 2018 New Saw Creek Board of Directors! 

Click here to read Arthur Kalpin's 2018 SCECA Board of Directors application, and no matter which candidate you choose - REMEMBER TO VOTE!

Click here to review the timeline for the 2018 SCECA Board of Directors election.
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