It’s Time to Vote for the Future of our Community!

As we all know, the 2018 Saw Creek Board of Directors Election is underway.  Seven candidates have submitted their applications, were confirmed by the nominating committee as members in good standing, and were introduced to the board of directors at the April 2018 board meeting. 

On June 1, Saw Creek is hosting a Meet the Candidates meeting.  This is an important yearly meeting, as noted in the associations’ bylaws.  This is your change to speak directly to the candidates, face to face, about the issues that are important to you and our entire community!  We encourage you to attend this meeting on Friday, June 1, at 6:00PM, at the Mountain Room.

Take Back Saw Creek endorses three of those candidates:   Debra Wulff , James Hidalgo, and our very own Arthur Kalpin .  Of course, we hope you like the candidates we endorse, but we would never tell you whom you should or should not vote for because that would be irresponsible and rude to suggest that you can't make your own decisions once you've researched the facts.  What’s important is that you vote!  Last year’s voting count was dismal!  Remember:  this year, voting begins June 4 and ends June 27.  

As we said during last year’s elections, the only way to have a real voice in our community is to vote!  

Thank you, and see you all on June 1.

Katie Kalpin, co-founder, Take Back Saw Creek  
Click  here to read Art Kalpin's 2018 SCECA Board of Directors application, and no matter which candidate you choose - REMEMBER TO VOTE!

Click here to review the timeline for the 2018 SCECA Board of Directors Election.
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