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Take Back SawCreek, LLC 2017-2018
A savvy Saw Creek homeowner asked the PA Game Commission to provide copies of the documentation surrounding Saw Creek's application for a deer cull permit for the 2017-2018 season. The game commission politely responded with 10 pages of information, i.e., Permit, Cover Letter, Application, and several maps showing proposed recreational hunting areas.  The documentation noted that the board voted to allow recreational hunting in the community.  Once this information was posted on several Facebook pages, the general manager took to the Saw Creek's discussion groups to deny a vote ever took place. What?  So if a vote never took place, does that mean that the info sent to the game commssion is misleading?  We don't know.  And any requests to the board set the record straight have been met with loud silence.  Click here to read the full PA Game Commission Report.  More importantly:  email the board at and advise them you don't want recreational hunting in the community, even if that means Saw Creek won't get a deer cull permit.
That was then...this is now.

NOTE:  we had previously advised that you could read discussion posts about the deer cull on the SCECA website.  We forecast that soon those posts would disappear.  Our suspicions have been confirmed:  effective 3/16/2018, the "new" SCECA website is live and NO RESIDENT LOGIN IS AVAILABLE!  Click here to see what appears when you try to login.  Never fear!  We made PDFs of all the discussion posts.  Click here to view the PDFs.

Also below is a letter to the SCECA newsletter editor from a homeowner who was concerned about the deer cull.  SCECA did not publish his letter, with no explanation given, but we find it odd that the same newsletter contained a propaganda article about the deer cull.  Why is SCECA afraid of a different opinion??  We are proud to post this letter for the homeowner.


…Could it be those who are afraid of hitting deer with their cars? They can get deer whistles, drive the speed limit and be extra careful, but odds are they may hit a deer. If this is to stressful to handle, why move to the woods?

…Could it be because you have flowers you need to protect from hungry deer? Maybe get permission to set up a fence…but why move to the woods?

…Could it be those who are afraid of deer ticks? Don’t feed them, don’t walk up to them at all. Is there still a risk of getting sick from the ticks? Yes. So why move into the woods?
Ask anyone how many deer they’ve seen this past 12 months. Most will tell you hardly any. My first year hear, 4 years ago, I saw many. They did a cull and now there are a few running around, and very healthy looking.

This is a political move powered by those few who really run Saw Creek. Those who go along with ‘those few’ do so to; keep friendships, keep jobs, keep something but not because it makes any sense.

LET’S HAVE A VOTE.  Use the technology we now have and send emails to all the homeowners who have email (sorry if you don’t but this is important and must be done now) and ask them to check off to kill the deer or not. That would be the fair way to handle this in my opinion.

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Take Back SawCreek, LLC 2017-2018