It’s Time to Vote for the Future of our Community!

As we all know, the 2018 Saw Creek Board of Directors Election is underway.  

The Meet the Candidates meeting took place on June 1.   Below are my thoughts on what took place at this meeting:     

First, I’d like to thank the many TBSC members who attended the Meet the Candidates meeting.  I’m sure they were just as concerned as I was by the many lines of questioning which tried to undermine my credibility as a candidate for the board.  Please understand this is expected behavior from proponents of the current board and luckily, due to the sage advice of my advisors, I remained calm, level headed and did not stoop to their level in my responses. 

Continuing the trend of not stooping to their level, I won’t mention the names of those who asked the type of questions that were intended to arouse an inappropriate response from me.  Well, they asked questions ultimately, but the entire audience was held captive while these homeowners or board members recited a long litany of what they felt were the accomplishments of the current board.  Luckily the meeting moderator finally asked:  Do you have a question?

Based on the behavior of those asking questions at the meeting, I think our opponents did more damage to themselves than to me.  They turned an important event designed to let members ask the candidates legitimate questions into the “Let’s Bury Art Kalpin Show”.   Equally damaging:  The other candidates barely got a chance to speak, which was very unfair to them.

But for the benefit of TBSC members who attended, and for those who could not fit it in their schedule, I would like to reiterate the many reasons why I’m running for the board. 

  • I feel that SCECA needs to fix the damage done by the past and current boards before SCECA could expect legitimate “good reviews” on social media.  To be completely transparent, I have separated myself from the TBSC Facebook page because of the elections.

  • I want to be one of at least 5 unified board members who agree that homeowners come first, so that we can effectively “control” the board.  What this means is that there are 9 board members, but a majority vote on any decision must carry at least 5 votes. This statement was not meant in a negative way, but as a way to explain that it’s time to break up a board comprised of career board members. 

  • I continue to believe that it is underhanded and sneaky to claim that life in SCECA is perfect and we have no crime, gangs, etc.  It is not a good idea to lure in unsuspecting buyers by promoting the community as something it is not, thus adding to the list of unhappy owners. 

  • I want to initiate a program to improve community curb appeal beyond just the beatification committee.

  • I want to ensure fair and consistent enforcement of our rules to promote an exceptional quality of life.

  • I want to make SCECE more attractive to buyers by reining in budget and dues.

  • I want to continue to move forward with capital improvements that offer a benefit to the entire community.

  • I want to make our amenities member (and their families) user-friendly once again, and not for the benefit of short-term renters.

  • I want to empower Public Safety to rid the community of crime.

  • I want to treat all members with the respect they deserve even if I disagree with them.

Please remember to cast your vote between June 4 and June 27.  Thank you! 
Click  here to read Art Kalpin's 2018 SCECA Board of Directors application, and no matter which candidate you choose - REMEMBER TO VOTE!

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