MSO Phone Contacts

Update: The dial by name choice when contacting MSO is now available on the new phone system!  We don't know when this service was made available, because SCECA did not notifiy homeowners.  Again.

Listed below (in alpha order) are the SCECA phone extension numbers and/or direct numbers when you want to contact MSO via phone.  TIP:  You can be connected directly to member services reception desk by immediately hitting the # button after the outgoing message starts. 

Martha Almanza
Director of Finance and Administration
570 588-9329, x2219

Jim Andrews
Director of Operations 
570 588-5151, x3304

Peggy Gottschau
Director of Human Resources and Community Relations 570 588-9329, x2215

Dave Hanf
Top of the World Restaurant Manager
570 588-6600

Nicolas Hutta
Compliance and Project Manager
570 588-9329 x2221

David Martin
General Manager
570 588-9329 x2216

George McCormick
Director of Recreation
570 588-9329 x2218

Ann Marie Toto
Marketing and Public Relations Specialist
570 588-9329 x2222

Jessica VanderVliet
Director of Member Services
570 588-9329 x2213

Bill Varcadipane
Chief of Public Safety 
570 588-5151 x3303

Detective work:  The Case of the Missing Website 
​UPDATE 5/19/2018:  On 3/16/2018, we previously notified you that SCECA rolled out the "new" website without any notification to the homeowners, AND, residents no longer had access to their accounts.  (Click here to view the message that said it would be months before the resident section would be operational.)

NOW - Did you know SCECA has completed full rollout of the website and residents can now login?


The site is now live with no notification from SCECA!

Homeowners must do their own customer service work because at SCECA, homeowners are always the last to know!

Click here to access the new webpage, and then click on the link in the upper right hand corner of the page that says " Member Login".​

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