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Take Back SawCreek, LLC 2017
Bookmark this page and check it each frequently, as we will provide additions to the list of  "What's New @ Saw Creek". 
Click here for 2017 comments.
February 2018

  • Take Back Saw Creek was mentioned in a front page article in the Pocono Record and an online article as well.
  • No financial statements have been posted to the SCECA website since November of 2017.  Not so transparent.
  • The SCECA no longer responds to my questions asked as a member in good standing.  They hate the tough questions.
  • In order to obtain a deer cull permit from the PGC that SCECA must allow recreational hunting inside the community.  Which they committed to allow.
  • In the SCECA application for a deer cull permit they identified 4 areas inside the community where they will allow recreational hunting.
  • The SCECA application for a deer cull permit claimed there was a Board Vote approving the cull.  Now SCECA admits no such vote took place.
  • Take Back Saw Creek sponsored another Resident Satisfaction Survey on Survey Monkey.  Your chance to rate specific aspects of the community.  The voting period has ended, but you can click here to view the results.
January 2018

  • That on December 27th Managements newly installed financial software package was finally able to produce the October 2017 Financial Results.
  • That for the Period December 2017 through October 2017 the community was $88,324 ahead projected revenue for Dues and Fees.  This is good news. We will continue to track these numbers thru the end of 2017
  • That for the Period December 2017 through October 2017 the community was $60,071 ahead of projected revenue for Administrative Income.  This is good news.  We will continue to track these numbers thru the end of 2017.
  • That for the Period December 2017 through October 2017 the community was $113,441 under budget on Operating Expenses. This is good news. We will continue to track these numbers thru the end of 2017.
  • That in for the month of October 2017 the community was $31,023 over budget on Operating Expenses.  This is not good news, particularly if the overspending continues thru Year End.
  • That we understand the community has a proposal from a Developer to build new houses in Saw Creek.  Depending on the terms of the deal, this can either help or hurt your property values and help or hurt your ability to sell your property.  We petitioned Management for the proposal and will let you know what we find out.
We're in the final turn toward finishing the financial year and at present have a surplus yet again.  This surplus will be used to reduce your dues in 2019.  While 2017 is over we still do not have the November Financial report and December’s Financial report will not be finalized until the January 13th Board Meeting.  Let’s follow the money and see how management performed in November and December.      

Take Back Saw Creek has been advertising in the community newsletter for the last several issues. Our advertisement for the January/February 2018 community newsletter was rejected by the Board, in what must have been either a special meeting closed to members or in direct violation of Board Policies. They claim that our advertisement was rejected for False Advertising.  Not a single word in our Advertisement was false.  Yet your Board and Management use the community newsletter in a manner which I feel promotes their own personal brand of propaganda and questionable claims in news articles that only they have control over.  Our advertisement actually complimented some of their recent initiatives as successful and moving in the right direction.  What are they so afraid of?  To view the ads we placed in the Pocono Record, click here .
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Take Back Saw Creek, LLC 2017-2018
August 17 Update

  • SCECA posted the 1st Draft Budget to their webpage but then took it down.   Transparency NOT
  • Projects a collection rate of 87%.  We get to pay for other owners DUES.  Effective NOT
  • Surplus is not coming back to any of us in the form of reduced DUES.  Responsive NOT
  • Recreation and TOW revenue projections are less than last year.  Efficient NOT
  • Decreased General and Professional Expenses on all lines but marketing, which went up $130,000.  
         Just NO
  • Increased Admin costs by $88,000 and adds yet more staff that don’t do their JOBS.
  • Cuts TOW wages by $30,000, and they are the only few who try to take care of us.
  • Increases the capital spending by $262,000.  The 2018 budget is projected to be $828,000 - using our DUES overpayments! You had the chance to vote against $225,000 of this increase for the Storage Building, which by the way will only increase our operating expenses in the future since it will consume utilities and need to be maintained.
November 2017

  • While our Operating Revenue is $65k ahead of Budget let’s not forget that $176k of that came from overcharging residents last year and adding that over charge as revenue for 2017
  • Under pressure from Take back Saw Creek, the 2018 budget saw no increase in our combined Dues and Assessments.
  • Saw Creek Management has run over budget on every capital project reported at the November Board Meeting.
  • Despite taking a huge financial hit for the March snow event, the community is under budget thru Oct 2017 by $250k. The 2018 Budget projects $225K in underspending which would be generated during 2017.  Will they spend it or roll it into 2018?  If the community is underspending yet again why can’t we just get a decrease in Dues?
  • There has been a lot of talk about drug dealers and drug busts in our community this year. Some we know are true.  Why is the community not being made aware of this that we might take the appropriate security measures?
  • At the November Board Meeting the Director of Public Safety admitted that Public Safety officers have no law enforcement capabilities within the community. Yet we have numerous Public Safety Officers employed. They are here only to guard Saw Creek assets, for which they conducted 1326 asset checks in October on facilities under already under 24x7 camera surveillance.   WHY?    
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Take Back SawCreek, LLC 2017
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Take Back SawCreek, LLC 2017